It is amazing how a good book changes your entire perception about the world. You start to see the world through the author’s eyes.
Things, people, environment, circumstances, accidents, blessings, misfortunes and a lot many things combine to become a determining factor that shape a person. They affect everything in our life. How we like our coffee, which side of the bed we want to sleep on, what constitutes an achievement and how we treat other people; all of it was decided at some point in our life and that decision was influenced by something or someone. Many were made unconsciously and the elements that came into play have been long forgotten.
Some people believe there is no past and no future. The entire universe exists for just a moment, just this one second. Everything else is an illusion.
Everything that happens in our life, no matter how insignificant it seems, has an impact on us. We may not recognize it then. Though our memories of what was, in that one moment of consciousness in which the universe was real, may fade into oblivion eventually. The incidents, however, will live on through us as dreams, habits, goals or pet peeves.
It’s beautiful to know that when you are reading a book, listening to a song, walking in a building, looking at a painting or doing practically anything else in your life, you are experiencing the fragmented pieces of other people’s lives and it goes back to the very beginning even if in extremely small parts. That being said, you are never truly alone. All of universe is with you; supporting you, challenging and sometimes defeating you. But always with you.


24 thoughts on “Reminisce

    • mirageinthemirror01 says:

      That is so true! If we come across a “bad” character there is always the back story to explain how they got there. I’ve started to try to know the back story of people in rea life as well, has made me more understanding ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Sunayana Bohidar says:

    I totally agree….. everything we do we think… we say … is influenced by one thing or the other. Happens… everytme i read a book or watch a movie… i imagine myself in that situation… this helps me a lot… in real life situations too

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  2. Manikaant Suryan says:

    It’s amazing how you could put these thoughts into words. It’s the same kinda feeling you get when you hear an awesome song which has always been what you have lived up to, and suddenly u find someone has put it to words. Each line in this article took me bavk to the various talks I’ve had with my best frnd abt all this. Each word feels so familiar, as to what it truly conveys. And I can tell u read a lot after reading this (though I actually know that) :P.
    Just keep writing and amazing people. God bless

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