One fine day walking down the streets, in perfect harmony with the realities of my broken world. If only the universe had given me some hints so I could prepare myself for what was to come. I was not ready for something so…perfect.

The sunlight would make his lashes cast shadows over his eyes but I could still look through. It was cruel. If I could just reach out and feel the warmth of his body against the cold of my skin. I couldn’t. He didn’t belong; maybe it was everything else. The sky was of the wrong color,  people were walking backwards, even in their designated positions things seemed chaotic. Everything was just wrong.

As I got closer I was transfixed with wonder. How could something be so flawless. Now it all made sense. The sun rays traveled this far in hope of faintly discerning his frame. The winds blew so they could get lost in the maze of his curly hair. Fire was bright, trying to imitate the glare of his smile. The flowers bloomed only to match the allure of his words. They all struggled and were all defeated.

It was the kind of agony you begin to love. I fought the trap. It was no use, for I was already enticed by what was before me. Everything else merged into everything else. They lost their shapes, their colors and their purpose. As far as I can see there were blurred hints of objects fixed to the ground, floating around or hanging high above. Only his existence was rationale.

But soon enough I caught my reflection. I wasn’t there anymore. I had blended into my blurred surroundings. Nothing was enough anymore. Not even me.


4 thoughts on “Him

  1. Aakriti says:

    There are moments, fragments really, in my rather carefree existence, when I wish I had fallen in love. This was one of them. Precise words for what I imagine I might feel when I see Him for the very first time. Beautiful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. :-) says:

    This particular article show your class and how much you have grown as a writer.
    Hidden behind the words are some deep feelings which you have portrayed in a graceful way..!
    Keep writing and keep inspiring..!

    Liked by 2 people

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