When it won’t stop

The days merge together in a way that you don’t know how many have passed and still every minute stretches out into an eternity. The only thing that seems physically possible of being done is lying on the bed alone with the lights turned off and the doors locked. That doesn’t help at all. You toss and you turn. The restlessness you feel in every inch of your body won’t go away.  When the Gods are feeling particularly kind you will fall asleep. With the lady luck on your side even a happy dream will come your way. But of course the ten minutes of sleep is not the blessing you have been graced with, it’s the few seconds of divine peace. Just a few seconds before the emptiness fills you again.

There you go again. You can feel the blood rushing into your brain, giving a burning sensation all over your face. You can feel the heat on your lips every time you breathe out. The heartbeats – feeble and sickly. Cold tears flowing all over the face with the turns of the body are the only respite.

Close your eyes. Nothing, but emptiness. Open your eyes. Nothing, but emptiness.

There is a faint pain in your chest. You can feel it. The constant cry for help for it to stop.

It doesn’t stop.


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